The Magpie and the Wardrobe London
Japan fundraiser event
Fundraiser for Japan, Christchurch School.  
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June 2011
Magpie Bespoke
13.06.11 UPDATE... full feature here»
10.06.11 UPDATE... pics of the shop are now online here»
06.06.11 UPDATE... here»
HP FRANCE are having a bespoke event in Shibuya Tokyo and Osaka just for the Magpie and the Wardrobe – opening this Friday – and both of these stores have been made to look like my studio. More info here»

April 2011
Pray for Japan/Doux Dimanche Gallery»
I was asked with other artists and designers to submit a work to be printed and sold for the Japanese Tsunami appeal

April 2011
I also ran a fundraiser for Japan at Christchurch school that was linked on Goldie’s blog»